Safety Equipment
VMPL in collaboration with M/S., Hunan Coal Mine Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. and M/S.China Coal Overseas Development Co. Ltd offers Self Contained Self Rescuer (Model-ZH 3OE), a self oxygen generating rescue equipment for miners working in underground mine with rated duration 30 minutes. This equipment also known as the Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer is a closed cycle breathing system protective device designed for use in toxic or oxygen deficient atmosphere with the following key features:
. Carrying Quality - ≤ 2.5 Kg
. Wearing Quality - ≤ 1.7 Kg
. Size- 175 X 157 X 195 mm
. Service Life - 10 years from the date of production (standby)
It is mainly used in underground works and environments of poisonous gases or suffocative atmosphere.
The Product is approved by Directorate General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad, India.
Product certification: EN 401 and IS:15803-2008